Who James Is

It began in February 2010, when an overweight and unfit ex rugby player, heavy smoker and drinker who was physically incapable of running for a bus decided to do something about it. What followed was a slow but steady improvement until in April 2011 that same bloke ran (and walked and crawled and cried his way around) the Virgin London Marathon. The trainers then started gathering dust once more until, several months and many lbs later I realised I missed running. It came as quite a revelation, that the thing I found so difficult and painful was actually the thing I most enjoyed doing!

Since then I have gone on to finish six marathons, many half marathons and countless 10km and club races. I’ve tackled a mountain marathon with Goretex and did my first triathlon at the invitation of Chobani and Jenson Button! I’ve reviewed kit for On Running, Fit Brands, Goretex, AlterG and Silverpoint and been lucky enough to receive invites to a few races. I’ve even reviewed a yoghurt!

I’ve now qualified as a Coach In Running Fitness to allow me to share my passion with new and experienced runners and I’m also a core volunteer for Cheltenham Parkrun looking after the social media and regularly volunteering including as Run Director (come and have a go!).

I write this blog for me, but it’s an added bonus that so many of you read and enjoy it and I love to hear from you. When I look back through these posts, I hope to see an entertaining, amusing, informative record of WHAT JAMES DID.

1 Response to Who James Is

  1. You’ve been officially Liebstered! (yeah its a real thing) For details of the nomination check out my blog http://theimprobablerunner.wordpress.com/. Nice job!

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