What James Is Doing

A record of what’s done, what’s in the diary and what I dream of doing…

parkrun tourist list (63 venues so far)

Cheltenham ~ Ashton Court ~ Harcourt Hill ~ Pomphrey Hill ~ Southwark ~ Brockenhurst ~ Mile End ~ Hereford ~ Fulham Palace ~ Newent ~ Burgess ~ Forest of Dean ~ Bois de Boulogne (Paris) ~ Portobello ~ Chippenham ~ Chipping Sodbury ~ Lydney ~ Bicester ~ Gloucester North ~ Little Stoke ~ Bushy Park ~ Amager Strand (Copenhagen) ~ Conkers ~ Richmond ~ Reading ~ Bournemouth ~ Wotton ~ Medina I.o.W. ~ Milano Nord ~ Worcester Pitchcroft ~ Swindon ~ Faelledparken (Copenhagen) ~ Vejen (Denmark) ~ Finsbury ~ Eastville ~ Thornbury ~ Riverfront ~ Newport ~ Poolbeg (Dublin) ~ Wyre Forest ~ Basingstoke ~ Cirencester ~ Keswick ~ Eden Project ~ Gloucester City ~ Tewkesbury ~ Plym Valley ~ Netley Abbey ~ Severn Bridge ~ Jersey (50th venue) ~ Amager Faelled (Copenhagen) ~ Ludlow ~ Upton Court ~ Evesham ~ Grangemoor ~ Hazelwood ~ Esbjerg (Denmark) Malmo (Sweden) ~ Hasenheide (Berlin) ~ Bruton ~ Oxford ~ Clevedon Salthouse Field ~ Cromhall

Events I have in the diary:


Events I’ve Done:





Things I’d love to do:

(can you help with any of these?)

Great Glen Canoe Trail

Rat Race Coast To Coast – Scotland

Stone Skimming World Championship, Scotland

London Marathon (again, we have unfinished business)

National Three Peaks or Welsh 3000ers

Have dinner with the actresses Scarlett Alice Johnson or Ellie Beavan

9 Responses to What James Is Doing

  1. John Tierney says:

    enjoying the Blog James (found you via parkrun, I’m RD this weekend)., especially the daydream with the coloured pens 🙂

    I can help with running the cotswold way – Jamie Blair and I are signing up for http://www.cotswoldrunning.co.uk/page17.htm

    Join us?! and or some support on a section of it may help you see what its like!

    • James Clay says:

      Cheers John!

      I keep meaning to write about Parkrun…maybe this is the week. Looking forward to running again Saturday after my marshaling experience last weekend. It’s a great event whichever side you’re on!

      The Cotswold Way event looks good, I’ll give that some careful consideration. I knackered my ankle running in the Brecon Beacons late last year and I’m only just getting back on the trails now, although I ran a good half marathon at Silverstone on Sunday so I’m nearly fixed. September may be too soon to get another 90 miles in my running bank but I’d definitely come out and do a bit for the experience.

      I’ll say hi on Sunday, thank for getting in touch. J.

  2. I also had a rough time at the London Marathon. I think the fact that we had been training in snow and then on the day we had sunburn didn’t help. In the ballot for another go but if I don’t get it won’t feel too bad as still have the scars from last year. Good luck with the training for Cheltenham Half.

    • James Clay says:

      Cheers! I’m doing the Bournemouth Marathon later this year, I thought training over the summer would be much easier…these last two weeks though I’ve actually missed running in the rain! Perfect days for running are few and far between, but when they do happen there’s nothing better :o)

      • My next one is the Ipswich Half in September, I’ll see if I get into London then think about next years marathon. Lol, I’d rather train in the winter over a long distance than in this heat. It’s been crazy!

      • James Clay says:

        It’s not even the long runs that are the problem, at least over distance you can justify carrying water or a few quid for a drink at a conveniently placed shop. It’s the speed sessions and pace work that are the killer, big efforts in high temperatures, destroys me every time!

      • I don’t mind the speed work in the heat, tend to shorten my distance in the summer anyway so I’m used to doing tempo runs in hot weather. However at the moment I’m dying at 5 miles and suffering with running ‘issues’ that don’t normally hit me until I’ve done 10 + miles.

  3. Lucy Eaton says:

    Hi, I enjoyed reading your blog. How about http://toughmudder.co.uk/events/south-west-2014/ for a challenge in 2014!! Lucy

    • James Clay says:

      Hi Lucy!

      Thanks, I forget sometimes that people read it and it isn’t just somewhere for me to take a mind dump! Always nice when people take the time to let me know, whether they like it or disagree with everything I’ve ever said!

      Toughmudder looks great…but at over £100 I could do four other races for the same money. Already have Brighton Marathon in April and a team in Thunder Run 24 in July, I think I may relax a bit this year and just stick to 10ks and half marathons while exploring a few other things (crossfit/swimming/riding…basically getting triathlon ready for 2015).

      Hope you and the family are well, if you’re ever running anywhere near Cheltenham – or having coffee, shopping or passing through for any other reason – then give me a shout. Would be lovely to catch up. x

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