The End Is Nigh

When I hit ‘publish’ in a few minutes I will have achieved something pretty special.

I will have completed a 30 day exercise and blogging streak, I will have done Juneathon.

So, has it all been worth it? Well let’s look at a few things I’ve learned…

  • Being creative every day is tough, thinking of topics to write about can be challenging, but when I do finally latch on to an idea the words usually flow with ease.
  • I write much better when I have the radio on than the telly and I’m sure it would have been easier on the (currently broken) laptop in comfort rather than sat at the table, but sitting here does help me focus.
  • Exercising every day is easy if you mix it up a lot. I’ve done running, riding, swimming, mountain climbing and aerobic workouts and enjoyed it immensely.
  • There are people who like what I write, I’ve gained a lot of followers and page views this month (thank you!) and lots of lovely comments/interaction (thank you even more)
  • There are people who’s writing I like, I’ve read and subsequently followed a lot of blogs this month.
  • Blogging can open doors. It was never my intention but this month my blog has brought me kit and opportunities I could never have afforded/engineered without WhatJamesDid.

I’m glad Juneathon is over and I can relax a little, but I’ve also thought of a couple of blog posts that were too good to risk losing in the mass postings of June so there will be more soon. Looking forward to reporting on my triathlon debut and then marathon training, sharing my silly running ideas for next year with you and getting your input.

Thank you for sharing my exercise journey with me, I really appreciate it.

Juneathon…The End

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