A Write Off

Exercising every day is surprisingly easy. 

The weekend’s activities were taken care of for me, with two big mountain walks to enjoy.

Today I knocked out some training right here in my front room, following a programme of squats, lunges, press ups, planks…all the usual suspects. Just enough to get a sweat on, feel the burn and all that jazz. Back to running my kilometre sprints tomorrow.

Because you can do the same work out over and over again. You can run the same route, do the same class, push the same weight…but you can’t write the same blog post.

And today I have struggled, not because I have nothing to write about but because my weekend was so big trying to get it down in writing is proving very tough. 

When I embarked on Juneathon I never thought it would be the writing that was the tricky part, but I’ve exhausted all the drafts and blog ideas I had saved and now each day I have to find a new topic and try and make it appealing to read…and I know I’m failing! Usually an idea gets jotted down, work around, planned, written, left for a day or two, revisited, reworked and eventually posted. Turning them around in a day is messing with my system!

So, if you have anything you can suggest as a topic please do. Any question you want a far from expert opinion on, ask. Send me anything and I’ll turn it in to a blog post!


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2 Responses to A Write Off

  1. abradypus says:

    Writing up the big weekends is definitely harder than writing up the little ones. And if I had any blog ideas, I’m afraid I’d be hoarding them for personal use. I don’t, so it’s a moot point.

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