Get Rich Or Die Tri-ing!

It’s here, the eve of the Jenson Button Trust Triathlon.

I won’t say it’s finally here, or here at last, because I’ve only been waiting 4 weeks for this. Waiting and training.

It’s been far from perfect preparation. Learning to swim in that time was always going to be adventurous, mastering a wetsuit was another new challenge, but I tackled both and was edging towards quiet confidence…then the sun came. Apparently the lake at Luton Hoo is warm. Very warm. So warm in fact that wetsuits will be banned tomorrow. The added buoyancy and efficiency of the wetsuit, my lifeline, has been stripped from me before we even start! The swim has become a different animal, it really is a matter of survival and will be a journey in to uncharted waters as I try to stay afloat for the duration. The biggest concern is panicking, getting stressed and losing my composure. If I can keep my heart rate down, my breathing consistent and my head clear I should make it out the water via the ramp and not by being unceremoniously dragged on to a marshall’s canoe!

Then the ride. I still haven’t had an opportunity to ride a skinny bike, maybe I’ll do a mile in the morning…most likely I won’t. I’m excited about putting the hammer down on a machine built for speed, but terrified of cornering on skinny tyres…sadly there’s plenty of that on the course.

And if I don’t drown, or crash, I get to run. If I make it that far I can relax and enjoy the moment…but that’s a big IF.

However, one thing that has been constant through my training is the unerring support I’ve received. From friends who have helped me train, those who have offered words of encouragement, the tweeters & blog readers following my progress, our sponsors Chobani with their kit and advice…even my Nan who sent me a text and settled my nerves earlier! Thank you to each and every one of them.

They all think I can do this tomorrow…I sincerely hope they’re right.

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