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How Do I Review A Yoghurt?

I’m not a food critic. This is a good thing, because if I had to eat as much as I exercise to keep this blog ticking over my life would be a constant circle of writing about Cadbury’s giant chocolate … Continue reading

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It Wasn’t All Bad!

Okay, so I shared with you the horrendous 54 minutes that made up my first tri, including the swim that tried to kill me, the zombie bike riding and the sub par run…but I should make it clear the day … Continue reading

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I Am A Triathlete

I am a triathlete. I could have written that in bold for emphasis, or maybe italics or underlined. I guess I could even have used all three to really drive home the point. But the truth is I don’t feel like a triathlete, and … Continue reading

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Get Rich Or Die Tri-ing!

It’s here, the eve of the Jenson Button Trust Triathlon. I won’t say it’s finally here, or here at last, because I’ve only been waiting 4 weeks for this. Waiting and training. It’s been far from perfect preparation. Learning to … Continue reading

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Thrown In At The Shallow End

So after the initial excitement of agreeing to do my first triathlon with Chobani, came the reality that I cannot swim. I posted a while ago about this and declared I was going to do something about it…I didn’t. I … Continue reading

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