40 Before 40 Update…

A quick update on my progress with the 40 challenges I have set myself to complete before 4th March 2018 (which is sooner than it sounds!)

parkrun1 – parkrun in 40 different locations – Now up to 24 different parkruns and a proud member of the (un)official parkrun tourist club. I have a few more new venues lined up in the coming weeks before I have to start thinking about where to tour, and there are still 6 venues within 25 miles of home I haven’t been too, with more starting soon…

5 – Qualify as a running coach – The classroom work is done! I’m now coaching regularly and self-assessing all the time. The exam has been done with a 90% pass so I’m ready for my assessment day in October. Pass that, and I will officially be a UK Athletics running coach!


8 – Go vegetarian for a month – I was going to do this in February, as it’s only 28 days long! That feels like a bit of a cheat though so I have called on my veggie/vegan friends to share their best recipes for me to practice, and I’ll consider doing this in September/October.

kayak13 – Learn to canoe – I have completed a 6 week course with Cheltenham Canoe Club and done a river trip, but I’m far from capable! I’m still pretty terrified of going for a swim, and it’s highly likely as I have a tendency to swerve violently to the left which can be a bit worrying in fast water! More practice (and bravery) needed…

18 – Work with a life coach – The amazing Liz Goodchild deserves a post of her own, and it will happen, but suffice to say the 6 week group course I took with her was life changing.

21 – Interview 10 people for “Who James Met Running” – I have now met and questioned 5 “celebrity” runners, so it may be time to write them up and start that series! Always on the look out for new subjects to interview…

28 – Send 10 handwritten postcards/letters – I have ten addresses now (I couldn’t tell you a single one a few weeks ago, I didn’t even know what number my mum lived that!) and I will write things as and when it feels right. There’s still a chance to get added to the list so if you fancy receiving some post sometime in the future email your address to whatjamesdid@hotmail.com

35-39 – currently blank – I have a couple of ideas for activities to fill these slots, but I’m in no hurry to add them. If you have any suggestions though feel free to comment below!

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