Who James Met: Kristina Schou Madsen

I met Kristina in May 2017, when we recorded this interview. Since then her running has gone from strength to strength with another National title and podiums around the globe. As I write (almost a year later!) Kristina is preparing to break the world record for a trip up and down Kilimanjaro! Kristina also runs a city race series and virtual race series, learn more at Kristina Extreme Running.

Kristina Schou Madsen

NAME: Kristina Schou Madsen – Danish National Trail Running Champion

LOCATION: Cucugnan, France, ahead of the Trail de Cathares mountain race.

BEEN RUNNING FOR: I did my first half marathon in 2008, very unprepared but I’ve been running every since.

HOW DID YOU START: It was actually a bet, a drunken bet! I was at a party and a friend said “Kristina, I bet you can’t do a half marathon…”

FAVOURITE DISTANCE: Somewhere between 70 and 90km, I like the long runs, they suit me better.

FAVOURITE RUN/RACE: Not sure about having favourites but the 2013 Everest Marathon was epic, that was my first race under extreme conditions. That meant a lot to me and inspired me to do more of this kind

FAVE BIT OF KIT: I’m sponsored by Hoka, Garmin and CEP, and a nutrition company 32GI so I need to be faithful to them all, but my favourite kit is my running shoes. As long as I have those I can run!

DREAM RUN: I would like to do the four Beyond The Ultimate events. I did the Jungle Ultra last year (which she won!), and I have plans for the Desert Ultra. Then there’s only the Ice Ultra in Sweden and the Mountain Ultra which will take me back to the Himalayas.

DREAM RUNNING PARTNER: In the desert I am hoping to run with Susie Chan, who is a very nice and interesting person I met on the Jungle Ultra, so I’m looking forward to that. I meet a lot of nice people all the time through these adventures, so the next new friend will do.

RUNNING ASPIRATIONS: I’m not setting goals for 5 or 10 years, I think that changes all the time as I change as a human, getting older and more experienced. So instead, I’m figuring out on my way and not looking too far ahead. As long as I always have the next thing in mind I’m happy.

FAVOURITE INSPIRATIONAL QUOTE: (laughs) Tits to the valley! (this was our rallying call for the downhill sections of the mountain half marathon that weekend, where Kristina finished 4th despite taking it easy and doing a 2km detour)



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