Two Things Tuesday – 2nd April

Some things I’d love to share with you, but they just don’t warrant a whole blog post and so never see the light of day. As a result, I’m going to attempt something new…

1 – Two Things Tuesday

Each Tuesday I will be throwing together a really quick update with two things that have caught my eye, excited me, events I’ve signed up for or maybe a quick product review. I’ll continue with the longer posts as and when I have something worth writing about, but in the meantime you should see regular updates on the world of James. As you can see, the introduction of Two Things Tuesday is the first of my two things this week, but what I’m really excited about is…

2 – Write This Run


I’m really pleased I’ve signed up to attend Write This Run in May. Organised by one of my favourite bloggers, Lucy Goodchild (author of the day is “a chance for UK running bloggers to get together, learn from each other and hear from guest experts on all things running and blogging.” Some of the attendees include running legends Mimi Anderson  (world record ultra runner) and Stuart Amory (personal trainer extraordinaire, his clients include Jake Humphries). A full day of blogging inspiration and guidance, the event ends with a group run led by Team GB olympic marathon runner Scott Overall. Obviously I’ll share more about the day after May 12th…

So, that’s my first Two Things Tuesday done. Let me know what you think of the idea, I really appreciate any and all feedback I get from you guys!

Jog on!

(p.s. I’d quite like an image/logo to support Two Things Tuesday but I’m useless at that sort of thing! If you can help get in touch!)

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