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A short note on why running is ace.

Humans have a deep-rooted and innate need to measure themselves against a spurious set of metrics or values, almost always setting unachievable goals for success. I can give you a few examples… No matter what car you drive you will … Continue reading

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Resolutions, Dreams & Goals: The Difference

“Training is having a goal, being intentional in your actions, your effort has purpose and your energy has focus” – James Clay, to every athlete he has ever and will ever coach. Firstly, fuck resolutions.   There, I said it. … Continue reading

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What Does A Running Coach Do?

“In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” – Benjamin Franklin, 1789. I’d like to add something to that list please Ben, if you don’t mind. The other cast iron definite, an unwavering truth, a … Continue reading

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40 Before 40: #5 Qualify as a running coach

No thought could have been further from my mind on that 2009 evening, as I threw up in an alley less than a kilometre in to my first ever run and stumbled home in tears, but last weekend I qualified as … Continue reading

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Can I Run 26.2 Miles For Fun?

Paris Marathon in 9 days. Brighton Marathon in 23 days. And right now the last thing I feel like doing is running, let alone for 26.2 miles. It’s safe to say I really haven’t been committed to this training cycle. … Continue reading

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