I’m not Forrest Gump

Which is a shame, because I would love to run back and forth across America for months non stop (and be really good at ping pong).

But here we are at day 6 of Juneathon and after a 5 day running streak, a long day in the office and now packing for a weekend in the mountains I just haven’t found the time to get my trainers on this evening and punish my already tired legs further.

But that doesn’t mean I’ve done nothing. Because I met a personal trainer at Write This Run who may just change your life.

He’s the worst sort of PT, the nice kind. The kind who, when they shout jump, you find yourself compelled to ask how high. The answer will always be higher than ever before, and somehow you’ll manage it! I’ve been training with them on and off for a few months and the best bit, it has cost me absolutely nothing and could cost you the same.

I’m talking about Stuart Amory, and if you are a Twitter user anywhere in the world you simply have to follow @StuartAmoryPT

Offline Stuart is ex RAF, who used to split his time between getting fly boys fit and chucking them out of planes. He has a very successful business and has trained many celebrities either as regular clients or for specific fitness challenges. But what makes him stand out (apart from being a genuine nice guy and not the narcissistic nazi bullies you can sometimes find in gyms) is the amount of stuff he does for free on Twitter.

Under the hashtag #FitTeam13 Stuart issues monthly challenges for everyone to join in, tweet results and share stories. With previous months offering press up challenges or photo challenges in June we are enjoying a lunge and squat combo guaranteed to get your thighs burning. I’ve just done level 2, twice, because I felt bad for not running!

I’ve copied Stuart’s latest video below, give him a follow, tweet him with how you’re getting on and keep watching for future challenges. They only take minutes each day to complete and could make all the difference to your training!

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