Run To The Hills

Just a short post this morning, as I’m about to jump in the car and head off to Snowdonia for a few days walking with the writers and photographers of Trail Magazine. I’m hoping we’ll become Best Friends Forever and they’ll invite me out with them every weekend.

Got me thinking though, aren’t the mountains brilliant.

I'll be here tomorrow.

I’ll be here tomorrow.

You may be a road runner, in which case I hope you’ve sampled the joys of trail running. If you are a trail runner, I hope you’ve had the opportunity to take it out to the wild places and enjoy running through the stunning landscapes of the National Parks. One of my favourite runs ever was a training run for the Fan Dance (an up & over half marathon taking in the mountain Pen y Fan in South Wales). There are obvious safety considerations when running in more remote areas and over more challenging terrain, but if you don’t feel comfortable going alone then find someone with experience and get out there. To run is wonderful, to run along a mountain ridge in the setting sun with the world at your feet is life changing.

Have a great Friday folks, enjoy the day and have a great run, wherever your route may take you.

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