Hey, I Put Some New Shoes On…

…and suddenly everything is right.


The lovely people at On, who I spoke with at the Virgin London Marathon Expo and Write This Run, have very kindly sent me some swanky new Cloudrunner trainers!

There are a lot of new technologies in running shoes at the moment. Shoes that make you bouncier, minimalist shoes, minimalist shoes that make you bouncier, there are several brands claiming to have the answer to all your running problems, and they may all be right.

But what I like about On is that their technology makes sense and their claims are very believable. The Cloudrunner is specifically designed for the slower, high impact force runner and so should be the ideal marathon trainer for me heading towards Bournemouth in October. The sole is built of 15 individual rubber ‘clouds’ that apparently provide excellent cushioning and response.

Running on clouds

Running on clouds

Once the clever design has absorbed the impact, it gets even cleverer! Inside each pod is a corrugated design of interlocking teeth. These provide the stable platform to allow the foot to propel you forward.

Teeth...this stuff really is like rocket science!

Teeth…this stuff really is like rocket science!

According to On this “promotes an efficient running gait to maximize performance”. They also recommend the same shoe for road and trail running, which means I’ve finally solved the problem of running 2 miles to my favourite training hill..hopefully.

I’m yet to take them for a proper spin, but first impressions are very good, and if they perform as well as they look I could be reassessing my aims for the marathon.

A little bit beautiful

A little bit beautiful

A first review will follow soon, and a long term test report will come later in the year.

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4 Responses to Hey, I Put Some New Shoes On…

  1. Phil says:

    I’ve run about 150 miles on mine since getting them, plus another 50 or so in the cloudsurfers. You are in for a treat. They are superb on road (perhaps a little getting used to needed when wet) and on trails and on grass. Up and down hill. I am totally converted. My only gripe is you got yours for free and I had to pay £125 😉
    enjoy them…

    • James Clay says:

      I’ve been very lucky Phil, but with the mileage I’ve got planned I’ll be spending out on a pair soon enough! Really excited about the road to trail potential of these, that’s a massive plus point for me. How are yours going after 150 miles? Like new or have you noticed any changes?

      • Phil says:

        You’re absolutely right James, the road to trail aspect is fantastic, allows me to run from home to Wimbledon Common and enjoy on and off-road running. They give loads of confidence on all surfaces but initially I found wet tarmac a little slippery. I’m still careful to slow down on tight corners in the wet. I found them a little bouncy on a treadmill but then again I hardly ever run inside so possibly it was the machine, not the shoes

        The 2013 grey/blue Cloudrunners still feel like new after 150 miles. What I find weird is that they don’t feel like they are there. Walking in them, the clouds can be felt individually and quite noticeably but once running they melt away and I truly don’t think about having shoes on at all. I am most definitely recovering from hard runs more quickly. Itching to go out already today after a hard interval session yesterday and a 10k race on Sunday.

        I use the Cloudsurfers less, reserving those for race days. They’re definitely lighter than the ‘runners although not as light as racing flats or minimal shoes but even if only a placebo, I like the benefit of having a “race” shoe.

        Good luck blagging some more kit, ignore my jibe, it’s only jealousy 😉

        Good luck with the marathon, I reckon the ons will help you shave some off your PB…

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