The Tricky 18th Consecutive Blog Post…

They warned me this day would come.

When I first signed up for Juneathon they told me “you’ll end up doing some really short posts, some you aren’t proud of, it’s inevitable”.

Well today is that day. But it comes not because I’ve run out of things to write about or haven’t done anything to share, quite the opposite!

Today I trained harder than I have in months, and it’s been exciting. So much so it’s inspired a blog topic that deserves proper planning and preparation.

Today I’ve been talking to triathletes about how to get it right in training and on the day. Lots to share, I’m looking forward to writing that post.

Today I received some great kit from a great brand. I’ll be doing a ‘first look’ review soon, but I need to get a few more test runs done, so at the moment it’s all in note form.

All that happened today, and that’s why I’m knocking out this post via my phone, flat out on the sofa with a grin on my face. I’m really excited about some of the posts coming up, and I hope you are

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2 Responses to The Tricky 18th Consecutive Blog Post…

  1. james you say a convert, was u not always a fittness head?

    • James Clay says:

      I played rugby for 15 years, but never really took to training too hard. I’d mountain bike a bit, always at the back of the group. Other than that I did nothing, I drank a lot, smoked heavily, ate terribly. All exercise stopped in 2008 when I bust my ankle. Took me a few years to get active again, and then get serious about being fit and challenging myself.

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