Terrifying Research

I’ve just watched highlights of the Blenheim triathlon & last weekend’s 70.3 Ironman action, as research for my impending tri try.


The swim looks more like wrestling, with added drowning. I watched one guy repeatedly punch another in the head, whilst they both carried on swimming. Even in the most physical of rugby battles if you punch a guy in the head you’re off, but add water and it’s perfectly legal!

The bikes used were all tiny, skinny wheeled, high saddled racing razor blades. I’m a big bloke. I could be cut in half if I went over a bump on one of those. I don’t trust them on corners either, and there’s bound to be at least one on the course.

And finally the run. The easy part. Assuming you haven’t been disqualified for messing up in transition of course. Often called ‘the fourth discipline’ watching the pros strip their wetsuits while running, leap on to moving bikes and tie their shoe laces while sprinting reminds me how little I know and how little time I have to learn.

So, research has put the fear in to me. Instead of getting more confident with training I’m getting more nervous with time.

Three weeks to go…surely that isn’t long enough?!

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6 Responses to Terrifying Research

  1. zoeforman says:

    You’ll be fine.
    Zoe Forman I had 2 fights myself – tangled my wrist & watch in buoy netting the a swim rage – swearing, punching & ducking by a fellow competitor – a first for me. Tough tri today for all. But all got home safely.
    8 minutes ago via mobile · Like

  2. JenJ says:

    Oh my, but I think that’s why it’s safest to stay in the back, at least on the swim. We’ll be fine!!! 🙂 Let’s just hope we get the kit soon to practice!!!

    • James Clay says:

      I’m working on swimming a little further, so I can maybe take a wide line. Not sure which is quickest, 400 uninterrupted metres or 300 getting kicked in the head metres!

      My kit arrived today…it’s snug but lush!

      • JenJ says:

        Really??? How do you keep beating me? I haven’t gotten a thing yet! Regular mail or courier? Anyways, great minds and all… I swam 400m today. Wanna make sure I can do the distance and a bit extra. Plus I think pool swimming is easier as you have the wall to kick off from on every lap. Once the wetsuit gets here, it’ll be open water for this gal! Uh oh…

      • James Clay says:

        Courier on pre 9am delivery. Lovely kit! I’ve been training in a 25m pool, today was a 33m pool. From tomorrow it’s all in the 50m outdoor pool…quick improvement has been needed! Hoping to get to a lake early next week for the first time…madness!

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