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The Things Runners Forget #2

As I get back in to running, training and racing I’ve discovered there are things that had become commonplace which are now once more ridiculous. In a short series of posts I’m going to remind you, fellow runners, of the once … Continue reading

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It Wasn’t All Bad!

Okay, so I shared with you the horrendous 54 minutes that made up my first tri, including the swim that tried to kill me, the zombie bike riding and the sub par run…but I should make it clear the day … Continue reading

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Terrifying Research

I’ve just watched highlights of the Blenheim triathlon & last weekend’s 70.3 Ironman action, as research for my impending tri try. Terrifying. The swim looks more like wrestling, with added drowning. I watched one guy repeatedly punch another in the … Continue reading

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Water, Water Everywhere…

…and no, I’m not talking about the rain. This coming weekend I’m doing my first ‘adventure race’. It’s kind of like a fun triathlon with a few hours of trail running, a few hours on the mountain bike…and an hour … Continue reading

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I recently spent a few days in the Lake District, surrounded by mountains, desperately seeking respite from all the troubles of the world for a short while. I was hoping for the mountain top epiphany that I’ve enjoyed so many … Continue reading

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