Race day preparation:

Night before:

  1. Hydrate – lots of water
  2. Fuel – eat a high carb meal with plenty of poultry and vegetables
  3. Charge GPS
  4. Check kit – shoes/socks/lycra shorts/outer shorts/t-shirt (choice of sleeve lengths)/sunglasses or hat/buff
  5. Prepare post-race clothes – something warm I can happily slob aboutin until I get home to a shower…even if the pub happens between finish line and front door
  6. Check race details – start time/location/parking/registration requirements
  7. Get an early night

Race day:

  1. Up early
  2. Hydrate – banana smoothie
  3. Fuel – porridge with nutella
  4. Check weather
  5. Put on running kit making sure everything is comfortable
  6. Prepare hyrdation+ drinks – caffeine for pre/electrolyte for during (if necessary)/protein for post
  7. Pack race energy foods – gels or bars as required
  8. Set GPS with proposed pace
  9. Head to race constantly sipping drinks and eating snacks as necessary

Once at race venue:

  1. Use bathroom
  2. Find start area and check time to race start
  3. Warm up – 10 minute minimum
  4. Very gentle stretch
  5. Stay warm and mobile until race start
  6. Once the race has started, run to my planned pace and enjoy the day.

I have NEVER had a bad race run.

Training Run Preparation

  1. Get up
  2. Get dressed
  3. Go for a run

I have had COUNTLESS shit training runs

Guess it’s time I started taking this training lark as seriously as I do racing then…


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1 Response to Juxtaposition

  1. beths13 says:

    Hi, I’ve nominated you for a Bouquet of Three Award as a thank you for keeping me at it! The encouragement has made so much difference 🙂

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