Where Can I Run To?

Juneathon is nearly at an end. This is the 28th consecutive day I have written a blog post. 28 times I’ve sat and created something I hope has been worth reading. Today I really struggled.

Due to a minor miscalculation in alcohol consumption last night today’s exercise was limited to a twenty minute workout on the mat at home. I did receive a free swim cap in the post from my friends at Chobani for use in the Jenson Button Trust Tri in a few weeks, but I’m not about to start posting pictures of it because no one looks good in a rubber hat. I’ve been pondering all day, searching for anything I could turn in to a blog post, and as the day has got older the pressure has increased until I’ve ended up sat in front of the computer for an hour staring at a blank screen.

I’ve been playing several ideas and thoughts through my mind in that time, and the one I keep coming back to is the number of new runners I’ve known in the last 3 years. For some unknown reason people have asked me questions about running, they’ve sought my advice and opinions, some have even accused me of being “inspiring”. Utter madness. I only know what I learned from others, or from running and making mistakes, I’m no expert…

But as I sit here, unemployed, scouring the internet for another soulless corporate position to pay the rent and buy me suits and ties I wonder what the hell I’m doing.

I read today the blog of someone who has taken running and made not one, not two but three successful businesses out of it.

I see on Twitter someone newly qualified as a running coach setting up a new running group.

I think back to my schoolboy dreams of growing up to be a P.E. teacher, or a rugby coach, or a mountain guide.

And I wonder, where did it all go wrong. When did I stop taking the risks and following the dreams?

I did it 3 years ago. Took a massive risk and made a huge change and made my own good luck to force a way in to the charity sector. It hasn’t worked out. It wasn’ the dream I thought it was and maybe that’s knocked my confidence a bit when it comes to taking risks and dreaming big.

But maybe on Monday, when I log on to check the job sites and waste another day, I might just google “running coaching” or something similar and see just where running could take me…

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1 Response to Where Can I Run To?

  1. cindysleepspinresearch says:

    Is there a way you could get into teaching? Teaching is brilliant and I loved every moment of it (except for the pay!) 🙂

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