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Resolutions, Dreams & Goals: The Difference

“Training is having a goal, being intentional in your actions, your effort has purpose and your energy has focus” – James Clay, to every athlete he has ever and will ever coach. Firstly, fuck resolutions.   There, I said it. … Continue reading

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The Truth About Exercise & Social Media

It seems there are two types of people in this world. There’s those that post about exercise, whether it’s Facebook statuses about running, Instagram pictures of Crossfit rigs or tweets celebrating a particularly bendy yoga session. Alongside them are the … Continue reading

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40 Before 40 – A Mid-life Crisis?

Just in case you missed it, I’ve added a new page to my blog. I’ve become one of those people, you know the ones, with a list of things to tick off before they get so incredibly old they become … Continue reading

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The Tale of Torremolinos

Last February I went to Torremolinos and ran the half marathon, but I didn’t blog about it. I think part of the reason for that was I didn’t consider it ‘proper’ running…I was drunk for most of the weekend and … Continue reading

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Celebrate Your Wins…

…Even The Small Ones. I posted on Facebook this morning, having spotted in the “on this day” bit that 2 years ago I’d run a 5 mile race 7 minutes slower than I did this Sunday, and I wasn’t pushing … Continue reading

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