Things I Learned On Friday…

I switched things up a bit on Friday and went for a 17 mile run along the Sharpness to Gloucester Canal.

Worse places to run

Worse places to run

I learnt a few things along the way…

  • 17 miles is a long way.
  • A trail is very different on two feet than it is on two wheels. What suspension hides legs find.
  • Those dusty, gravelly stone trails you get alongside canals, they are the devil’s running track. Every footfall slips an inch before it gets traction. I never realised how important traction is, I’m actually looking forward to running on dry tarmac next week.
  • 24 degrees is warm.
  • According to some basic maths based on pre and post run weigh ins I lost around 3 litres of sweat in the 3 hours I was running, which I replaced with 500ml of fluid. This is very bad practice, I won’t be doing that again.
  • Water voles are a protected species.
  • Narrow boat owners are friendly, power boat owners are not.
  • Running long distances in new places is fun, but it’s much better if you have a plan for the end rather than walking an extra mile through a busy city centre looking like a sweaty deranged mentalist who is losing the power to stand upright. Getting on a train to get home is even worse.
  • 17 miles is a long way (Did I mention that already? Well it’s important)

What have you learned on your runs recently?

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4 Responses to Things I Learned On Friday…

  1. runner1313 says:

    What have I learned? Summer here always teaches us that hydration is the key to a good run. Nice long run!

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  3. Roseann says:

    Absolutely brilliant! You had me laughing out loud on the walk through Gloucester and train home part!!

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