Brighton, Write Off

Now the decision is made, I can see that it was inevitable from the start.

In my last post I talked about how training for two marathons back to back was soul destroying and demotivating. Truth be told I haven’t really ever got to grips with this latest round of training. I haven’t derived a single moment of joy from any of the runs I’ve done, and having another plan dictate my every move sucked all the fun out of getting out there and exercising.

Then I got dragged along to circuit training by some friends…and boy was I weak! 7 months of constant running and very little else and my ability to bang out push ups and shoulder presses had diminished to embarrassing levels. A few weeks later and I received an invite to a residential bootcamp training weekend (more on that soon) which was incredibly hard work…but really, really fun.

Getting back from that weekend and looking at my plan for a joyless 40 mile running week, I knew something had to give.

And so, I’m backing out of the Brighton Marathon.

I’m taking back training as a source of pleasure, something to be enjoyed not endured. It’s not an easy decision, walking away from an event featuring 50 other runners from my club and which has been my focus since Christmas. But there is absolutely no benefit to me in struggling through the next 2 months and becoming even more disillusioned with exercise.

The training races are still all in my diary, I’m still planning to run them (although maybe not the Gloucester 20 miler) but now I can turn my attentions to doing some of the fun energetic things I miss. Looking forward to more circuit training, getting back out on the mountain bike and lots of lovely, short runs!

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4 Responses to Brighton, Write Off

  1. Karl says:

    It should be fun – can never see joy in 20+ road runs. Join me off road this weekend? Did 15 on sun along Cotswold way – only bit I hated was the road bits

    • James Clay says:

      Everything in life should be fun, or what’s the point! Have a 10k this weekend, but will join you soon. The big focus for the year is now Thunder Run so trail running becomes training not diversion. Can’t wait! Are you running Chedworth Roman 10 in April?

  2. A tough decision to make James but if your heart’s not in it then it’s definitely the right one to make! Nice one for being honest with yourself and biting the bullet. I’m really enjoying my training, but then it’s my first one and I’m not even thinking about another one, ever. Yet. 🙂

    Also, I know what you mean about circuit training being hard – all I’ve been doing is running, core & yoga for the past 6 months. Going back to bootcamp after the marathon is gonna be HAARRDD!

    • James Clay says:

      Thanks Tess. Was tough, primarily because it’s such a big club event and I have so many friends running, took a while to prioritise my wellbeing over letting them down.

      Bootcamp will be tricky, but remember how fit you are! You might not get your usual number of push ups…but you can come back and try it again a few minutes later because your engine is huge even if your muscles aren’t!

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