The Road To Edinburgh

No, not a post about overcoming the struggles of the M5/M6 interchange…although I could go on at length about unmanned roadworks and average speed cameras! Actually, the drive from Lancaster on to Edinburgh is quite lovely, but this isn’t about roads. Not real ones at least.


The metaphorical road to Edinburgh started months ago, with a drunken chat (as all great adventures do) followed by taking action. That’s the key to making adventures happen, you have to take action as soon as you think of them. Race booked, accommodation booked and it was just the training to do…

It was in my thoughts from the start of the year, as I knocked off PB after PB over the shorter distances, but it was 12 weeks ago that focus shifted to 26.2 miles. Not only did I bring in the ever longer weekend runs, but I started planning my midweek activity as well. For the first time I was actually doing things right, and the results were obvious on Sunday mornings. The long miles were falling away with never before enjoyed ease, and have continued to do so right up until my last twenty miler, which was so comfortable I could have continued for the full 26 right then.

I haven’t done this alone though. I’ve had incredible support from members of my running club, Almost Athletes, who have organised long runs in the woods or joined me on my own madcap long run adventures. Special thanks to the Gills, Ian and Glen, quite simply the most supportive and enthusiastic people you could ever want in your gang.


Maddie, who herself has done wonders with her race times in the last few months, was always ready to join me for the midweek miles and keep me accountable. There was no chance of missing Wednesday’s efforts as long as she was around!


Greg is running Edinburgh too, I disapprove of his training techniques but it doesn’t look likely to stop him doing a bloody impressive time! He’s always pushed me to be a bit quicker, definitely his fault I knocked off some of those new personal bests when I probably should have been taking it easy!


And finally my personal trainer, I never thought I’d have one and now I hope never to be without her! I’m undoubtedly stronger, fitter and more capable than ever thanks to her weekly abuse, and without Catherine Jasat I wouldn’t have got in anywhere near as much quality running.

So all that is left now is to run 26.2 miles. I start at 10am, dinner is booked for 5pm, in the meantime memories are made and medals are earned.

Good luck to all running and thanks to all who joined me on the road to Edinburgh.


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2 Responses to The Road To Edinburgh

  1. Mary says:

    Good luck! 🙂

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