Reasons Not To Be An Idiot

Just been for a run.

Nothing unusual in that, except that ten minutes before I got out I was sat on the sofa considering the myriad reasons why I couldn’t go running tonight.

My prison. If anyone wants to make a “Go running” cushion to replace the “Chill out” one I’d be very grateful!

I’m not sure what changed but I suddenly started finding solutions to all my excuses, and before I knew it I was out the door and moving!

So, below I’ve listed some of the reasons I was stuck on the sofa and how it turned out not to be an issue. Mainly as a reference for me in case I ever get sofa-fast again, but maybe there’s something in here that could get you out there one day…

  • It’s raining – I have a very good waterproof jacket courtesy of Berghaus
  • It’s cold – It won’t be once you start running, in fact you’ll have to take of the warm hat and gloves you could put on to start with
  • My IT band hurts – Going to stay home and get a massage then? No? Then you might as well push through and see if a bit of exercise loosens it up.
  • I haven’t eaten enough today – Fuel is important, but in reality running 4 miles on empty shouldn’t be that tricky. Get out now, eat as soon as you’re back, plus you know if you’ve been running you naturally choose healthier options so it’s a win-win.
  • I haven’t drunk enough today – See above. It’s 4 miles, neck a pint and get out there.
  • I haven’t planned a route – Brilliant, no pressure then, just run where you want to.
  • I’m not sure the Garmin is charged – So don’t record your run, just do it for fun, like you used to
  • It’s dangerous in the dark with my ankle… – I own a very powerful head torch, use it and the pavement becomes a safer place.

And there we have it. Eight very good reasons to be an idiot and stay on the sofa watching reruns of Big Bang Theory and wishing there was chocolate in the house. Each one overcome very simply with a little bit of positivity and common sense. Could this be a turning point in my rehab? Am I back to choosing exercise over trifle? Am I on course for starting 2013 in good shape?

Let’s hope so.

(N.B. The title of this post is not my own work. In fact it is a direct lift from the title of one of my favourite tracks by one of my favourite artists, and a song that often motivates me to get out the house. You can enjoy it here… Frank Turner – Reasons Not To Be An Idiot)

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  1. Hi! I nominated you for the Liebster Award – I’ve really enjoyed your blog!

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