Opportunity Has No Need To Knock…

…my door is always open.

I’ve commented before about the problems I get in to saying yes to friends who ask me to do events. It’s led to conflicting training schedules, running 10k races and 40 mile bike races in the same weekend and a diary so full of events I haven’t had a decent drink in months! In fact the only thing I’ve turned down in the last twelve months are the constant requests to do a triathlon. I have a friend training for his first Ironman who can be very persistent, a great trait for an Ironman but increasingly difficult to resist when talking triathlons! I’d been managing reasonably well, when all of a sudden…

An offer came via Twitter this week. One of my favourite tweeters @Liz_Goodchild (fabulous blogger and organiser of Write This Run) messaged me to say “fancy doing a very easy triathlon, sponsored by Chobani (all kit for free)?”. and in doing so discovered my weakness. Even the dreaded word ‘triathlon’ can be trumped by the words ‘kit for free’!

So I’ve just spoken to Chobani (responsible for some quite incredibly delicious strained yoghurt) and I’m now on a team of 4 first time triathletes taking on the Jenson Button Trust Triathlon on 14th July!

There will be much more on this to follow, as I try progressing from doggy paddle to dolphin in the pool and practice transitions in the garden, plus I’ll be sharing the nutrition advice and recipes from Chobani and updates on the kit they send (which was always one of the reasons I swerved triathlons, so one less excuse).

Check out the short clip below of last year’s event, it looks awesome, can’t wait to give the 300 metre drowning a go!

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3 Responses to Opportunity Has No Need To Knock…

  1. Peter Haken says:

    Well done…does free mean a free bike too?

    • James Clay says:

      They are providing a bike to use on the day, but sadly I can’t bring it home with me! However with the kit they are supplying that would be the only stumbling block to pushing on doing more triathlons.

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