A Little Belief Can Go A Long, Long Way…

A while ago I thought up a ridiculous running challenge that would have taken 2 months and around £12,000 to complete. The idea is still there, rolling around my think tank, and maybe one day…

But that idea then spawned a simpler and cheaper version. I did a little research and realised there was also potential for a new world record, mainly because no one had been daft enough to do what I was suggesting, and so the idea stuck…

On Saturday I was at a bbq with friends I have known for decades. We were stood around the kitchen (which is where most British bbqs have taken place for the last few summers) and the conversation had turned to running and challenges. One guy had recently done his first triathlon and caught the bug, another was part of last year’s Deloitte Land’s End to John O’Groats ride and was telling us about his experience. I mentioned my vague idea, which involves running 480km with a support team, mobile home etc expecting it to just drift away on the conversational tide…

“So when would the clock start and stop?”

“Would you go through the night?”

“How long would you need to recover between runs?”

Suddenly there were questions, followed by answers, and the skeletal plans I’d been mulling over started to flesh out a bit…

“My old man has a motor home we could use”

“I’d drive for you”

“My wife is a logistics expert, she could help with the planning”

The conversation didn’t last long, and the drinking and eating meat continued for many more hours, but I woke Sunday with a head fuzzy from both overindulgence and possibility.

My vague scheme warrants further thought, there are people supportive of the idea and the challenge is one they think I’m capable of overcoming.

It’s amazing what a little belief can do!

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