As One Door Closes…

…well to be fair the other door was always open.

But now it’s been kicked wide, decorated with flashing lights, big pointy arrows pointing pointedly and an enticing view on the other side.

Open Doorway

The closed door? Well last night my dreams of running the London Marathon 2014 were finally put to bed when my name wasn’t drawn for one of the club places. Disappointment and annoyance were in equal measure as an unethical change to the club rules had slashed my chances from 50% down to 10%, but I shan’t dwell on it. I may not have won the ballot but we did win the quiz, much to the distaste and muted applause of the masses.

Instead I shall put that rejection dejection to one side and with it the idea that I could run two marathons on consecutive weekends. I now have only one target for spring 2014. Every time I lace my trainers from now until April 6th it will be with one thing in mind…


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