28 Ways To Know You’re A Runner

I’ve shamelessly stolen this from my running club Facebook page, where the question was asked and my fabulous club mates answered. Which do you agree with? Anything we missed?

You Know You’re A Runner When…

  1. You check every pair of socks for L or R before putting them on!
  2. Most of the mugs in your kitchen are race mementos.
  3. The majority of your winter wardrobe is luminous.
  4. The boot of your car is like a treasure trove for runners
  5. You can identify fellow runners from a distance by their running style / gait / attire
  6. You have a number of pairs of running shoes which you refer to as ‘retired’.
  7. You hoard safety pins….
  8. You have numbers on your calendar/in your diary that would only make sense to fellow runners.
  9. You would never spend £80+ on a pair of “real” shoes …….but these spanky new running daps…….well what a bargain, bring em on.
  10. You complain how expensive a short taxi journey is but you pay £40 to RUN 26.2 miles.
  11. You have a huge collection of race finisher t shirts that you will never probably wear… but can’t throw them out either!
  12. Open toed sandals are a thing of the long distant past….
  13. You judge people for not wearing much in public on Saturday night, then go out wearing less, much less, on Sunday morning.
  14. When choosing a route home you don’t go for the shortest / most direct route to be sure you don’t come up 0.1 short
  15. You have shoes for every occasion……Road training, road racing, off road dry, off road wet…
  16. You get nearly naked in front of perfect strangers in a tent in a field and no one bats an eyelid!
  17. You are relieved when you do a number 2 before your run
  18. You can walk past runners you know well, but no one recognises you in ‘normal’ clothes with hair and make-up done
  19. You have more wardrobe space dedicated to running / cycling attire than normal attire!
  20. When you’re packing to go on holiday, your running kit is the first thing in the suitcase.
  21. When you’re sat in your car you stare at every runner on the road with jealously and envy…
  22. Your maths has improved since you left school, especially your 8.5 times table and any division by 5, 10, 13.1 or 26.2
  23. You run 0.1 miles past your door just to run 0.1 miles back and get that watch to 6 not 5.8.
  24. You get an invitation to a wedding and the first thing you do is check which race it clashes with.
  25. You discuss greasing your nipples in public.
  26. You hated statistics at school, but now you pore obsessively over the data at Garmin connect, Strava, Power of 10, Run Britain rankings etc.
  27. You have a nemesis, who may well also be a good friend, but for 10km a few times a year they’re your sworn enemy!
  28. You book a holiday then immediately check if there’s a race/parkrun in the locality.

Thanks to members of Almost Athletes for their contributions. What should we add?

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5 Responses to 28 Ways To Know You’re A Runner

  1. mia79gbr says:

    Love this!! Can certainly relate to complaining about taxi costs while paying more to run a marathon the same distance!!

  2. Mary says:

    Number 21 – my husband says I’m like the dog in the film Up when he sees a squirrel!
    Number 23 – I spotted my neighbour peeking out of her window at the weekend as I ran round a cluster of cars in front of my house five times to make up the mileage!

    • James Clay says:

      I often get caught staring at people without realising. I sometimes feel uncomfortable about making other people uncomfortable by staring…but I swear I’m just assessing their kit or running gait and not being a pervert!

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