Celebrate Your Wins…

…Even The Small Ones.

I posted on Facebook this morning, having spotted in the “on this day” bit that 2 years ago I’d run a 5 mile race 7 minutes slower than I did this Sunday, and I wasn’t pushing this time round. See the post below…


I’ve been thinking all day about that line, “Got to celebrate your wins, not enough runners do”, and I realised it’s bullshit. If anything runners are better at celebrating success than most,  but the truth is NO ONE celebrates their wins as they should.

Recently my two sisters both had massive success. When I asked why they hadn’t shared the news they replied “I’m only a third of the way to qualifying” and “I didn’t want to boast”. It’s been bugging me since that they should hide their wins like that, and they aren’t the only ones.

Recently I have known friends to start their own business, beat cancer, get amazing new jobs and more, but these successes are talked about in hushed voices and let pass without celebration. That can’t be right, surely?!

In a world so full of negativity, where 90% of the news is death, displacement and despair we’ve forgotten how important it is to find the positive and share it. So I invite you, no I IMPLORE you, to add a comment with your win below. Maybe you’ve been promoted, run a PB, slept through the night? Perhaps it’s a little win; got two chocolate bars from the vending machine instead of one, got a smile from that person you see every day on the train or found a parking space right outside your house?

Whatever it is, shout about it, boast a little, tell the world (well, my readers) and CELEBRATE YOUR WINS!


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9 Responses to Celebrate Your Wins…

  1. Anonymous says:

    I presented at a conference today in front of 90 GP’s. I was ‘brick in it’ but actually it went really well and I had very positive feedback #maybeidoknowsomethingafterall

  2. papytee says:

    I managed to make it through an all day conference without falling asleep after having to get up at 5.20am. It was challenge, I can tell you!

  3. Last week monday I spoke in front of 400 high school students and I wrote my first book last year, all before the age of 24!

  4. Tiny runner says:

    I love this post! I’ve gone ten days without any kind of bread – this is quite unbelievable for me. No toast, no bagels, no garlic bread, no pizza….nothing. It was so tough at first but I’m feeling quite brilliant for it and have so much more energy. Well done on your Sunday run 🙂

    • James Clay says:

      I rarely eat bread…but I’m just talking the sliced variety. Living without pizza for ten days is a massive achievement, especially once you’ve decided you can’t have it because you know Dominos are going to text you just minutes later with an offer! Glad you’ve got to the ‘feeling the benefit’ part unscathed, long may it continue!

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