And so it begins…

Well, not quite.

It began in February 2010, when an overweight and unfit ex rugby playing, smoking, drinking bloke who was physically incapable of running for a bus decided to do something about it. What followed was a slow but steady improvement until in April 2011 that same bloke ran (and walked and crawled and cried his way around) the Virgin London Marathon. That was as far as it went, and whilst many will say 26.2 miles is far enough once you can do that then sitting on your arse while your trainers gather dust is an almost unforgivable waste of months of hard work.

So in April 2012 the trainers came back out and the pavement plodding began again, but not with any real menace. As long as I could cover 10kms I was happy, even though it was slow, painful and pointless. The realisation that I was going nowhere every time I ran 6 miles was a strange one to have, but as soon it hit home I knew I need to challenge myself. What will follow on these pages is the story of what I’ve done (events, training, anything else fun!) what I’m doing (current training, stories of any fun I have and also random links/images/videos I find on my travels through the interweb) and what I’m going to do (new challenges, my preparation plans and how you can get involved).

When I look back through these posts, I’m hoping to see an entertaining, amusing, informative record of WHAT JAMES DID.

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