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I Guess I’m Back…At Square One!

Missed me? Is it really February since I last had something interesting to say? No, but I’ve never been very good at those self-pitying posts full of pathos about not being able to run, so I thought I’d save you … Continue reading

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The Resolution Revolution

Making New Year’s resolutions is easy. Once a year we look at the things we aren’t happy with, or would like to change. Then we decide we’re going to change them, make a list of new rules to live by … Continue reading

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The Day I Lost 6 Stone.

Sick of hearing I damaged my ankle? Well good news, I’m sick of writing it, so here, let’s draw a line under it…or at least we can shortly. First I have to tell you about one of the most incredible … Continue reading

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Relationship status: It’s complicated

Ask anyone who has ever fed me – Mum, girlfriends, the staff at Nando’s – and they’ll probably all agree “he loves his food”. (which is a polite way of saying I eat a lot). They’d all be wrong, I … Continue reading

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I’m 53% Nandos and 28% Cider…

…but the other 19% is pure muscle! Or at least that’s what I think he said, it’s definitely what I heard. As part of my ignominious return to being one of those members of society I used to look down … Continue reading

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