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Running Naked Was A Bad Idea…

It’s only been 2 weeks/7 runs since I started recovering (I refuse to call it training until I can actually cover a race distance again!) and already I’ve learned something very important. Running naked can be a bad idea. For … Continue reading

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Let There Be Light…

As sports shops go Up & Running is ace. If you’ve got one in your area go and make friends with them, they’re friendly, knowledgeable folk and love to talk running! My local in Cheltenham organised a night run yesterday to try … Continue reading

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Sock It To ‘Em

I guess while I’m in a reviewing mood it’s about time I said a few words about socks… As a man, I own many socks. Some of them even have a matching sock, a pair if you will. I’ve had … Continue reading

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How Do I Review A Yoghurt?

I’m not a food critic. This is a good thing, because if I had to eat as much as I exercise to keep this blog ticking over my life would be a constant circle of writing about Cadbury’s giant chocolate … Continue reading

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Kit Review: On Cloudrunner Trainers

Before I begin, lets be totally upfront and honest about two important facts. On Running UK sent me some free shoes. They did this after I spoke to them at the London Marathon Expo, Write This Run and then on Twitter. They … Continue reading

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