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All The Gear, No Idea!

This could be the shortest post I ever write…although they do say a photo says a thousand words. Look what arrived today… So, now the kit is here, it’s time I learnt how to use it. Early morning outdoor swim … Continue reading

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Terrifying Research

I’ve just watched highlights of the Blenheim triathlon & last weekend’s 70.3 Ironman action, as research for my impending tri try. Terrifying. The swim looks more like wrestling, with added drowning. I watched one guy repeatedly punch another in the … Continue reading

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Exercise Jim, But Not As We Know It.

The idea of Juneathon is to exercise every day, and I was doing really well until today. Today I was up and out at 8am to help build a music festival and there was no chance for a run, swim … Continue reading

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“If I Could Choose The Life I Lead…

…then I would be a boatman” That Levellers song was rolling around and around in my head this morning as I rode the 32 mile canal path from Gloucester to Sharpness and back. Indeed I was so happy at times … Continue reading

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Swimming, It’s Just Like Golf.

Years ago I lived with three professional golfers. They all played, they all taught, they all knew best. We used to have bags of clubs in the kitchen, by the back door, and when we popped out for a smoke … Continue reading

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