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Race Report: Edinburgh Marathon

(for various reasons several of my biggest achievements this year went unblogged. With a few days left in 2015 it’s time to put that right, so here’s a look back at something amazing…) I’m not certain¬†when my fixation with running … Continue reading

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The Marathon Advice You Never Hear.

The interweb is littered with advice on how to run marathons. There are countless pages telling you how to train, what to expect, when to do how many miles. You can find reviews of every piece of marathon kit you … Continue reading

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Marathon Malaise

It all started with such good intentions… The aim was clear, complete a marathon in better shape than I managed in 2011. It really didn’t seem that tricky given all the mistakes I made then, and this time I had … Continue reading

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It’s Not All About The Trainers…

…sometimes it’s all about the bike. On Friday I went over the border to Wales for a long ride in the wilds of Afan and Glyncorrwg Forests. (I can’t believe they charge ¬£6.20 to get in to Wales now. There’s … Continue reading

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How Far Do I Run?

I was asked the other day “how far do you run?” My answer of “to the finish line!” was met with a smile, but the question had got me thinking… What my inquisitor wanted to know of course was what … Continue reading

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