Operation Boy Racer

VROOOOM vroom vroom vroom vroom!

Nope, not a Crazy Frog impression, but the noise I’m going to make whilst I’m running around the track at Silverstone in 40 days. I’ll probably add some screeeeeeech in the corners too, just for effect.


I’m gonna run so fast I leave a smoke a trail too.

The eagle-eyed blog readers amongst us may have spotted the entries on my “upcoming events” page rapidly increase in number. It’s race booking season, and there’s still plenty more to choose from and add in when finances allow. (I distinctly remember when running was considered a cheap hobby!)



The first big challenge in the diary is the Silverstone Half, which happens to fall the day before my birthday. Some present I’ve given myself there, right? My birthday party will involve carb loading and an early night. With that in mind I had developed a vague plan to reward myself by working EVEN HARDER and pushing for a personal best over 13.1 miles before crawling in to my 35th year. Things haven’t quite gone to plan in January though, and now I have 40 days to get up to distance never mind speed.

download (1)

So, I’ve developed, written and printed my training schedule for the next 40 days. I started following it last week but the snow has obviously ruined everything, or at least that is my excuse. So, whether you’re interested or not, I will be reporting back weekly on how well I’ve stuck to my schedule in the hope that the public confession of any failings will make me think twice about ditching a run. If you see me making any more excuses over the next 40 days then please give me a verbal kick up the arse!

Plan your work, work your plan.

Plan your work, work your plan.

As well as the running and weekly circuit session I’ve planned, I’ve also included either abs or PUC (Push Up Challenge) in the equation. I’ve devised 3 abs routines I will alternate and the PUC should see me doing 100 push ups a session by my birthday…should!

So, with the plan in place, success is guaranteed yeah? I mean, what can possibly go wrong?

I guess we’re about to find out…

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