Every Day Is A School Day (part 1)

It’s an old adage, that every day is a school day, but a true one. Even more so when you spend the day in a classroom, which is what I did last weekend as I started the Coach in Running Fitness (CiRF – pronounced Kirf) course.


Back in 2014 I qualified as a LiRF, that’s Leader in Running Fitness. That entitled me to take running groups out and safely deliver training sessions and club runs, all whilst insured by UK Athletics, but it really only scratched the surface of how to improve someone as a runner.

This course is the next step towards that goal. Over the next 6 months I’ll be constantly learning, assessing, being assessed and improving my skills to try and become a coach who isn’t only capable of delivering training sessions but can really help runners reach their goals and achieve their full potential. The course is pretty intense, I’ve just spent two full days in the classroom and I’m back there in a few weeks, before a final assessment day in October. But the real work is what happens in between those sessions. I’m already reviewing all my learnings from the first weekend, and I’ll soon be looking for athletes to work with to try and hone my skills of observation, education, planning, self-assessment etc. I’ll also be looking to work with as many qualified coaches and other running groups as I can to get a more rounded perspective (as well as doing lots with my own amazing Almost Athletes of course).


I’m doing the course with 14 others (although I’m the only one from my county) and it’s a real mixed bunch, but everyone was lovely, passionate about running and as we are all qualified LiRFs already everyone had an understanding of what we were doing and was able to contribute. I’ve already learned so much from my colleagues, although I hope we have name badges again in May as I’ve forgotten most of them already!


So, the hard work starts here… Hopefully over the coming months things like the whiteboard above will become clearer. In coachingĀ terms I’ve just become ‘consciously incompetent’ and it’s exciting!

I’ll let you know how it goes…

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