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Swimming, It’s Just Like Golf.

Years ago I lived with three professional golfers. They all played, they all taught, they all knew best. We used to have bags of clubs in the kitchen, by the back door, and when we popped out for a smoke … Continue reading

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Hey, I Put Some New Shoes On…

…and suddenly everything is right. The lovely people at On, who I spoke with at the Virgin London Marathon Expo and Write This Run, have very kindly sent me some swanky new Cloudrunner trainers! There are a lot of new … Continue reading

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The Tricky 18th Consecutive Blog Post…

They warned me this day would come. When I first signed up for Juneathon they told me “you’ll end up doing some really short posts, some you aren’t proud of, it’s inevitable”. Well today is that day. But it comes … Continue reading

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A Little Belief Can Go A Long, Long Way…

A while ago I thought up a ridiculous running challenge that would have taken 2 months and around £12,000 to complete. The idea is still there, rolling around my think tank, and maybe one day… But that idea then spawned … Continue reading

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Shoes Make The Man

On the left a nice lace up brogue, the right a Caterpillar boot. These shoes are pretty much interchangeable, both appear most often with jeans and a shirt, but they each make me feel completely different. The trusty Caterpillar, I’ve … Continue reading

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