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Race Report: Edinburgh Marathon

(for various reasons several of my biggest achievements this year went unblogged. With a few days left in 2015 it’s time to put that right, so here’s a look back at something amazing…) I’m not certain¬†when my fixation with running … Continue reading

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The Breakup

Falling out of love with running can be the most heart wrenching breakup you’ll ever experience. Everything is fine, it has been for ages, then almost imperceptibly the cracks start to appear. They start small, little annoyances that you can … Continue reading

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Running The Bath

It’s been a while since I last blogged…7 weeks in fact! You’d be forgiven for thinking that may be because I haven’t been doing anything worth sharing, but actually it’s quite the opposite. I’ve done a lot, and I mean … Continue reading

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When 16 x 2,000 = 20.

I’ve spoken before about how hard it can be to find decent routes for long runs at the business end of marathon training. In recent weeks I’ve taken to the Forest of Dean for laps of the fire roads and … Continue reading

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Silverstone Take Two

As part of the day job I’m responsible for the PR of an animal charity and have to remind the staff daily to take photos of what they’re doing and share their stories with me. As I am always telling … Continue reading

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