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Terrifying Research

I’ve just watched highlights of the Blenheim triathlon & last weekend’s 70.3 Ironman action, as research for my impending tri try. Terrifying. The swim looks more like wrestling, with added drowning. I watched one guy repeatedly punch another in the … Continue reading

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Swimming, It’s Just Like Golf.

Years ago I lived with three professional golfers. They all played, they all taught, they all knew best. We used to have bags of clubs in the kitchen, by the back door, and when we popped out for a smoke … Continue reading

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Mission Accomplished?

On Friday I set myself two goals in 12 hours: To swim a total of 300 metres in the pool for the first time ever To run my local Parkrun in a new PB Here’s how I got on… 1 … Continue reading

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Thrown In At The Shallow End

So after the initial excitement of agreeing to do my first triathlon with Chobani, came the reality that I cannot swim. I posted a while ago about this and declared I was going to do something about it…I didn’t. I … Continue reading

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Water, Water Everywhere…

…and no, I’m not talking about the rain. This coming weekend I’m doing my first ‘adventure race’. It’s kind of like a fun triathlon with a few hours of trail running, a few hours on the mountain bike…and an hour … Continue reading

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